Lakhan Bihari vs Shri K.V. S.Choudhary on 19 November, 2018

Lakhan Bihari vs Shri K.V. S.Choudhary on 19 November, 2018

                              HIGH COURT OF MADHYA PRADESH
                       DATED 19-11-2018

                            DUE TO NON-COMPLIANCE OF COURT ORDER

 JABALPUR, DATED : 19.11.2018.

        The Court proposes to pass this common conditional order to obviate passing of
 identical conditional order in these matters involving similar office objection/default.
        In all these matters, due to non-removal of office objection within the prescribed
 time as per the Rules, the concerned matter was placed before the Registrar in the first
 instance. The Registrar granted sufficient time to the petitioner(s)/applicant(s)/appellant(s)
 to cure the defect/office objection, however, due to non-removal of office objection/default
 within the prescribed time, the concerned matter was required to be once again listed before
 the Court. The Court granted further time, by passing common order on the earlier
         In spite of repeated opportunity (three times-one under Rules, second by the
 Registrar and third by Court), the petitioner(s)/ applicant(s)/appellant(s) has failed to cure
 the office objection/default. As a result, by way of indulgence and last opportunity, in terms
 of this order, SIX WEEKS' further time is granted to the petitioner(s)/applicant(s)/
 appellant(s) in the respective matters to remove office objection/default and make the
 matter ready for further hearing within that time, failing which the concerned
 petition/application/appeal shall stand dismissed for non-prosecution without further
 reference to the Court.
       Provided, however, in cases, where the objection/default is about non-
 service of any of the respondent, on expiry of the extended period, the

concerned matter will stand dismissed for non-prosecution only against the unserved respondent(s), without further reference to the Court. The matter would then proceed against the remaining respondent(s).

In cases where the office objection/default has already been cured before passing of this order, it will be open to the concerned party to bring that fact to the notice of the Registrar (Judicial-II), who may examine the same and proceed with the matter as per the listing scheme, if ready for hearing.

If the office objections are removed within the time extended in terms of this order, the concerned matter(s) be made returnable on the date notified hereafter:

S.No. Cases as per Cause List No. Returnable Date

1. 1001 to 1012 03/01/19 (S. K. Seth) (V.P.S. Chauhan) Chief justice Judge Anchal Digitally signed by ANCHAL KHARE Date: 2018.11.19 17:39:52 +05’30’

Crime No. 2032/2017 Of Panangad … vs By Advs.Sri.T.B.Gafoor on 12 December, 2018

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