Smti. Taxly Noris Suting vs . Smti. Rishalin Mukhim on 13 December, 2018

Smti. Taxly Noris Suting vs . Smti. Rishalin Mukhim on 13 December, 2018
 Serial No. 2
 Regular List

                         HIGH COURT OF MEGHALAYA
                             AT SHILLONG

CRP. No. 19 of 2018
                                                     Date of Order: 13.12.2018
Smti. Taxly Noris Suting           Vs.           Smti. Rishalin Mukhim
Coram:          Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.R.Sen, Judge

For the Petitioner/Appellant(s) :         Mr. M.F.Qureshi, Adv.

For the Respondent(s)              :      Mr. C.H.Mawlong, Adv.

Learned counsel for the petitioner is present.

Mr. C.H.Mawlong, learned counsel for the respondent prayed that he may be allowed to withdraw his affidavit as there is some mistake in the affidavit as well as he fail to annex certain documents due to oversight.

Prayer is allowed.

List the matter after winter vacation for counter affidavit and further order.

In the meantime, interim order if any shall continue till the next date.

(S.R.Sen) JUDGE Meghalaya 13.12.2018 “S.Rynjah PS”

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appellant. noun. a person who appeals. law the party who appeals to a higher court from the decision of a lower tribunal.

Appellant definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

An appellant is someone who is appealing against a court’s decision after they have been judged guilty of a crime. [law] The Court of Appeal upheld the appellants‘ convictions. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

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